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So he pockets it, and goes to show birdie farrell, the owner of the baseball card store. Stosh has stumbled upon a t206 honus wagnerthe most valuable baseball card in the world. It is about a kid names stosh who plays baseball, hes also a big baseball card collector. Honus and me baseball card adventure series by dan. Join stageagent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. I am not a big sports person, but honus and me had me hooked right from the beginning. Sites like sparknotes with a honus and me study guide or cliff notes. These are great books to read aloud or on your own. Stosh feels like a real loser, and when he takes a lowpaying job cleaning a bunch of junk out of his neighbors attic, he feels even worse. Rights and availability this title can be licensed and sold throughout canada, the united states. Honus and me literature study by mrs hansens helpfuls tpt. Joe wanted to see if babe ruth really did call his shot or if he was doing something else. When he holds a baseball card, he feels a tingling sensation, and when it gets strong, is transported to the year that card was made and somewhere near the ballplayer on the card.

But joe picks up the card, and uses his secret power, and brings honus to his bedroom. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. I love how dan gutman really got inside of the readers head in the book so it feels like. It is about joe stoshack and he is a big fan of baseball cards and his favorite player ever was honus wagner honus wagner is one of the most famose baseball players ever to live. Book club books book lists the book book 1 my books library signs reading games close reading story time. Honus and me by dan gutman author number of pages main characters setting introduction how does the book begin. The fans at joe stoshacks game are yelling mean things to get in his head, joe doesnt know what to do but go back in time to jackie robinsons time, jackie was also getting mean things said to him because he was the very first black player to ever play mlb. Its his ticket to an amazing timetravel adventure to a historic world series game, with one of. Here is a list of the characters in the book honus and me. Fiction when young baseball nut joe stoshack finds the most valuable baseball card in the world, a honus wagner t206, in a pile of garbage, he thinks hes struck it rich. Free honus and me study unit worksheets for teachers to print. Free honus and me worksheets and literature unit for. Does a major event take place in the primary setting. But hes about to find out that its worth a lot more than money.

One day when joe was cleaning up amanda youngs garage, he found a honus wagner baseball card. One day as he was cleaning his neighbors attic he found a honus wagner baseball card. The book i finished reading is called jackie and me a baseball card adventure by dan gutman. Honus and me written by dan gutman spaghetti book club. Joseph stosh stoshack a boy who loves baseball who can travel through time by holding a baseball card amanda young joes elderly neighbor, who has a honus wagner t206 in her attic that joe found.

Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. In striving to enrich the lives of all readers, teachingbooks supports the first amendment and celebrates the right to read. For will, paris represents the life hes no longer able to enjoy. Explain why you think this point of view is best for this story.

The first reason i picked this book was because my brother, benja read a book in this series and recommended it to me. Setting an open playing space that will depict a variety of locales. Writing a book report allows you to give a summary of a story briefly. Honus and me plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. As well as the novel, the book includes a factual epilogue by gutman and vintage photographs of wagner. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new books every 1, 2, or 3 months new customers receive 15% off your. If you like baseball,then i think you would like this book. Comprehension by chapter, vocabulary challenges, creative reading response activities and projects, tests, and much more. If you guessed the honus wagner baseball card, youre right.

Wed love you to buy this book, and hope you find this page convenient in locating a place of purchase. The baseball card adventures is a novel series written by dan gutman. This can be as general or as specific as the author needs it to be. With more than 2 million books sold, the baseball card adventures bring the greatest players in history to life. Honus was my first kindle ebook from amazon, and it was a great reading experience.

When baseball nut joe stoshack, 12, finds a mint condition honus wagner baseball card, he discovers that it is more than the worlds most valuable card. In the book, honus and me, joe stoshack finds a honus wagner t206 in his neighbors attic. I know this takes place in 1972 because it shows a picture of an old baseball ticket that said pittsburgh, pennsylvania 1972. Reading, vocabulary, other social studies history grade levels.

Because it turns out stosh has the incredible ability to travel through time using baseball cardsand now hes headed back to 1909. The author also adds an interesting epilogue about the real honus wagner and why readers are extremely unlikely to find. It is also a granter of wishes and a timetravel portal, through which wagner visits him in the present, and joe goes to the 1909 world series. Please note the royalty rate listed is the minimum royalty rate per performance. Dan gutman is a book about a guy named josh stoshack who loves baseball. Honus and me is included in the kids wings collection, tales for two centuries in a spiralbound book. With a shock, he recognizes the face of honus wagner, one of baseballs great early players. Includes questions, vocabulary and activities for each chapter and after reading the book. It was rejected by many publishers before harpercollins finally accepted. In a novel the setting could change from chapter to chapter. It is the most valuable baseball card in the world, and in mint condition. Only about forty survived, making them one of the most valued collectors items in the world. Honus and me is the story of joey sto shack, a kid.

Used by permission of the author co kirchoffwolberg, inc. If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation. Honus was my first kindle e book from amazon, and it was a great reading experience. Honus also tells joey that he had all the baseball cards with his image on them destroyed, because they were sponsored by a tobacco company and honus didnt want kids to smoke. The last book i read, the setting started in atlanta, moved to paris, ba. He knows everything there is to know about the gameexcept how to play well.

Honus and me joe stoshack is the main charecter of this book honus and me. Biographical information on steven dietz and dan gutman, if included in the playbook, may be used in all programs. Honus and me, an adventure book by dan gutman is really a great book about the old baseball legend honus wagner. Book clubs book fairs scholastic education classroom magazines. She comes out with a rifle and tells the man to get away from joe. Miss young takes the card that actually belongs to her and tears it into pieces so that no one would be in danger ever again. Nicholas sparks author this study guide consists of approximately 30 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of the best of me. Facts about dan gutman 1many of dan gutmans books revolves around baseball.

A young boy named joey, who loves baseball, finds the rarest baseball card ever in his. Dan gutman physical description big man not tall, but solid was funny looking. When young baseball nut joe stoshack finds the most valuable baseball card in the world, a honus wagner t206, in a. This book starts of by the main character joe stoshack and he is at school and his teacher has a show and tell for class and the prize is 4 tickets to kentucky kingdom. Joe wanted a honus wagner baseball card so bad so he went to his neighbors house and she was very old and he was. List two main characters and briefly describe each one. Pointofviewwhose point of view is this story told from. You wanna know who threw the fastest pitch ever more. The madefortelevision movie the winning season, starring matthew modine, was adapted from this bestselling book.

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